Wage and Hour Laws: Updates and Implications for Your Business

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Wage and Hour Laws have had several notable revisions over the last several years. We will take a look at several and provide clarification and examples which will help you remain compliant at your RV dealership, including:

  • Basic overtime and examples of states that have more than one category of overtime
  • Calculating overtime for employees with 2 or more wage rates or types of compensation (i.e. hourly rate + bonus + commission)
  • Exemptions from Overtime: The new minimum salary requirements and who is exempt; what are “Primary Duties”
  • Are Sales Representatives and Service Managers who earn commissions exempt from overtime?
    • The difference between Outside Sales Exemption and Inside Sales
    • Review of FLSA Overtime Exemption 7i: updates and explanation of how it works and who is eligible

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