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Having regular toolbox talks reinforces safety basics and keeps safety top of mind for your employees. Let's take 10 minutes to discuss how to access content to help you have these conversations and easily document them for when regulators come knocking.

Take 10: Toolbox Talks

Tuesday, February 29th

11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

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Dale Golgart
Solutions Consultant - KPA

Dale is a Solutions Consultant at KPA, where he works with companies across various industries to provide a solution for their EHS management needs. Dale’s career in safety began in 2012 with an oil & gas service company based in Oklahoma, spending five years as a Safety Manager. Before joining the KPA team, he was the Training and Development Manager for Select Energy Services, leading development efforts across the organization.


What is Take 10?

KPA's Take 10 is a series of short webinars in which our speakers will take 10 minutes to discuss various safety topics and how KPA can help you save time, money, and keep your workforce safe. You can find upcoming webinars on our Events Page.