Take 10 - Environment & Sustainability

Are you still managing your environment and sustainability processes manually? Join us on this 10-minute webinar where we'll show you how easy it can be to digitally capture, track, and report on your environment metrics with KPA's EHS platform.

We'll cover how to use KPA's tools to track GHG emissions, water usage, converting metrics to report on CO2, hazardous and non-hazardous waste metrics, energy consumption use, and more.

Take 10: Capturing Your
Environment & Sustainability Processes

Tuesday, August 16th.

8 AM PT / 11 AM ET

Duration: 10 minutes

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Meet Your Speaker

Jade Brainard square

Jade Brainard
Product Director - KPA

Jade Brainard is the Product Director for KPA. She has been working with KPA products for more than 13 years with a focus of providing turnkey risk management software solutions to KPA customers. She works closely with many types of organizations, including manufacturing, construction, and insurance to understand where KPA technology could be expanded to better manage EHS and HR programs and improve the value generated from them.


What is Take 10?

KPA's Take 10 is a series of short webinars in which our speakers will take 10 minutes to discuss various safety topics and how KPA can help you save time, money, and keep your workforce safe. You can view the recordings of previous sessions here.