[On-Demand Webinar]
Bringing Safety to the Field 

Join Fortis Energy Service's VP of Safety, Joyce Ryel, and KPA’s Deren Boyd and Dagen Boyd as they dive into how to utilize EHS software to improve safety processes and programs from the corporate office to the field.  

Bringing Safety to the Field 

Joyce Ryel, VP of Safety at Fortis Energy Services, has embraced safety technology to connect leadership to the field and to bring safety policies and procedures to life.  

Watch this webinar, now available on-demand, and learn how Fortis Energy Services leverages EHS software to:  

  • Improve processes and programs 
  • Increase utilization and observations
  • Create a safety culture across the company
  • Utilize safety trainings for employees in the field
  • Reduce TRIR and Lost Time Rate 
  • And more 
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KPA has been a game-changer for our safety culture. It has improved our incident reporting and ability to make training material more readily available. The automatic updates to the safety training are a tremendous help. It's an excellent safety management platform.

Joyce Ryel, VP of Safety
Fortis Energy Services