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Return to Work Safely:

Mitigating COVID-19 Workplace Risks with EHS Technology

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As organizations across the globe return to “the new normal” of business operations, technology will play an extremely important role in supporting worker safety and social distancing efforts.

In this webinar, KPA’s Vice President of Product Management, Kathryn Carlson, is joined by Analyst Molly Blackwell from independent research firm Verdantix as they discuss how to successfully utilize EHS technology to mitigate COVID-19 workplace risks.

We cover:

  • How EHS technology can support organizations as we return to the ‘new normal’
  • What key features and functionalities can help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus
  • How mobile applications can support social distancing efforts

Watch the Mitigating COVID-19 Workplace Risks with EHS Technology webinar now.

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