Complete Compliance

The Only All-In-One Compliance Solution for Dealers

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Streamlined Compliance

KPA's Vera Suite software automates tedious tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Accuracy Assurance

Rely on our cutting-edge technology and expertise to maintain precise compliance records.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify and address compliance issues before they escalate.

Increased Efficiency

Reduce manual tasks with Vera Suite. Manage behavior-based safety, workplace compliance, and online training programs in a single integrated platform.

Confidence & Peace of Mind

You can trust KPA to manage all your compliance requirements with nearly 40 years of industry-leading expertise.

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KPA is a great tool when utilized to its full potential. It's a great place to store and maintain all employee training records, facility inspections, and SDSOne of my favorite features is that regulations are tied to any issues that arise when we have quarterly visits."

- Safety & Compliance Manager