KPA - EHS - State of the Industry Benchmark Report 2020 Cover



EHS State of the Industry Benchmark Report

Does your organization invest in EHS or does it see it as a necessary evil? The distinction matters.

In partnership with EHS Today, KPA conducted an industry survey to study the impact of investing in EHS programs has on organizations. 

Our research showed that companies that invest in a strong culture of safety and a high performing EHS program reap the rewards in the form of lowering rates of absenteeism, injuries, and safety violations. All factors that impact the bottom line.

The key to shifting performance lies in the hands of leadership. Small-scale investments lead to small-scale returns. However, an ROI mindset and a game plan for investing in advanced technology will ultimately lead to positive results.

Download the EHS State of the Industry Benchmark Report to learn how your company can reap the rewards of a strong EHS program.



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