Take 10: Respiratory

Protection Program


In Take 10: Respiratory Protection Programs, expert risk management consultant Greg Horne delves into the complexities of OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard. Designed with automotive professionals in mind, this 10-minute webinar offers a high-level overview to demystify a standard often misunderstood yet crucial for workplace safety.

With respiratory protection violations frequently cited in the automotive sector, understanding and adhering to this standard is paramount. Failure to comply jeopardizes employee well-being and exposes employers to significant risks.

Here are some key takeaways you’ll get from watching this webinar:

  • A concise background of the Respiratory Protection Standard
  • Identification of common triggers specific to the automotive industry
  • Essential elements of compliance outlined
  • Addressing frequently asked questions to clarify any misconceptions

Equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to safeguard your employees and navigate toward compliance. Check out Take 10: Respiratory Protection Programs to stay informed and proactive in ensuring workplace safety for your business.